“Quite impressive in their simpleness.”


Many years of experience in retail, brand management and distribution, we two friends
decided to join forces to create and launch our own brand. The trigger was when our
ways crossed with one of the best and oldest flip-flop and sandals manufacturers in
Izmir, a city in the middle of the beautiful west coast of Turkey.
Our aim has been to create a product, which is comfortable, long-lasting, very light and
still looks like a classic simple pair of flip-flops.
The Milion Stone flip-flops and sandals are produced by over 40 years of experience and know-how.


Milion Stone Flip Flops are made of molded EVA and rubber mix foam, which is one of
the best shock absorption and the lightest material available today on the market. With
its closed cell structure is water resistant, non-absorbent and corrosion resistant.
On top of the above characteristics, our special molded EVA and rubber mix gives extra
durability to Milion Stone flip-flops.
Milionstone Rope Sandals are 100% handmade of soft polypro rope. They are very light, styllish and
very comfortable. You may basically wear them anywhere. 

Rope sandals are machine washable, anti-allergic and anti-bacterial.


The Milion (with single ”l”, a Roman mile, about 1618 yards) Stone, once a monument
was the Golden Milestone built in the 4th century from which point all road distances in
Constantinople were measured.
Today what remains of the Milion is just a fragment, a stone pillar that has been
re-erected. It looks quite simply “only a stone” , but considering the importance it once
held it is quite impressive in its simpleness.